heyday EP

by Jennifer Leonhardt

Long, quiet highway in a corridor of shame All roads lead there there, we are all free from blame Summertime in the southland man, it’ll give you pause makes you never wanna leave there, not without just cause Midnight in the garden of good and evil, daybreak has not begun oh but the waters around are rising oh lord, what have we done Long, quiet highway in a corridor of shame All roads lead there there, we are all free from blame
Our Town 04:50
I have seen a hundred thousand lights up on a hillside overlooking your town And I have seen the nighttime all descending like a ribbon of velvet between your pines Me, I was somewhere on another kind of mountain in another kind of nighttime caught between the full revolving planets looking down into a darkened kitchen (mine) Lying down among the blankets of another man whose heart was full of icy resolve Married to a man who was like a leafless tree on a dead-end street to me And days were like a wind all blowing like a fury in my black and flying hair And now I see a hundred thousand lights up on a hillside overlooking your town but it's finally our town now yeah finally our town now
Reckoning 03:26
I want to be so done with harm it'll never find me I want to be so right for love it won't ever go I came to you for healing and there was none, yeah there was none In amongst the filth and the degradation a hungry dog sidles his way home I came all this way to absolve you until it's done until it's done But you don't know the forest but for trees you wouldn't know a right from an abject wrong you can't keep your hatreds from me you wouldn't know a bullet from a heartfelt song All your tentacles of misperception I am dragging them from deep inside my veins My blood will be different tomorrow and there will be a reckoning of all these things
O holy body water starry field of sky brother-body Christie wash my tears to run dry Touch me where i can feel it, come inside like an eventide, make eventual the hurts around me but for now, just make me love and let me hide. Shooting, falling embers of our fathers they rain down along the edges of our earth and the fire's light is slowly dying come, breathe me back to birth. Comfort me til morning, morning will be on us soon enough let the lingering night-fall milk and honey us through the rough Every time the blood is falling, slowing and the stain is spreading like a sigh and children from another country are waiting for another sun to rise
I have been to see america and she has shown me things that were just for me to see One river takes me this way, another that I'm a Louisianna purchase and a dry Dakota grain Once was a man made my heart move fast I'd wait for him like a hillside in a darkening plain Sun and moon are facing off and where I stand the continents divide and run a lip along the severing Finally, the moon set and the sun rose and the boxcars reflected in the sky on the lake Yes, I have been to see America and she has shown me things were just for me to see


Originally recorded in Seattle in 2010 with the Black Market Band as part of the soundtrack to Wind Chases the Sun, a film about the life story of Native American activist Leonard Peltier.


released March 22, 2012

Produced by Matt Brown and Eric Anders
Engineered, mixed & mastered by Matt Brown
Recorded at the Track Shack, Seattle WA
Jennifer Leonhardt, vocals
Lindsay Fuller, acoustic guitar
Jeff Fielder, elec guitar
Rebecca Young, bass
Andy Roth, drums
Album photography by Juliet Tondowski, "Ost See, 2009"




Jennifer Leonhardt Los Angeles, California

A serious girl from Ft Worth contemplates the Uni-verse

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